Speaking Engagements

The proverbial “elephant in the room” signifies something that is present in your life that you may not know what to do with. The elephant can be awkward and intrusive, yet the only thing you manage to do is walk around it and pretend it isn’t there in hopes it will eventually leave. These are the issues we speak on. Things that are relevant in the church: sexual addiction, food addiction, depression, boundaries, relational issues, or other “elephants” that can be addressed in a helpful way. We share from our own brokenness to connect to others in order to offer hope. Let us know how we might offer hope to your congregation!


Love Protects Seminar

½ day: Education on virtual, and sexual addiction from a prevention and restoration plan. Information important for all parents of children all ages.

Mandated Reporting Training

For Pastoral Staff & leaders.

Mental Health in the Church

Calming down the stigma and helping those who are stuck.

Pulpit Ministry

Testimony/Teaching/As the Lord leads. We are here for you!

Women & Men's Retreats

Family Camps

Filling a Pulpit or Piano Bench

Whenever a pastor needs respite in Northern California


Speaking Engagements

9/13-15:  Kenosha, WI

Sectional Training and Journey Church Training & Counseling

Mental Health & Hope

Ministry Balance & Bruises



9/17/2022:  Cupertino, CA

Abundant Life AG Parenting Seminar

Love Protects: Hope and Help in our Virtual World

10/1/2022: San Jose, CA

Mens Breakfast

10/2/2022:  San Francisco, CA

Glad Tidings

Mental Health and Hope & Staff Training

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