About Us

Our Purpose

Our ministry exists to provide confidential counseling and resources for clergy and their families, here in the states and around the globe.

We help, teach, equip, and minister to those in or preparing for ministry to enable them to fulfill the call that God has placed on their lives… that none perish.

Our Story

After being an associate pastor on staff for 13 years, I Shane reached out for help from a professional therapist, trained in dealing with my specific issues. I needed a safe place to go outside of the church to start my journey of healing and true freedom after years of struggling, trying to do things my way, and ending up in the same place. Once I started to gain ground and lasting change was happening, I felt called to help other ministers who might feel as I did, afraid, alone, not sure where to turn and needing a safe place to process my sensitive issues. Out of our own story of brokenness and recovery, M2M was born. We have been supporting and treating ministry and missionary families since 2010 in the areas of sexual addiction, depression, burn-out, etc.. In that time, our ministry has reached across the U. S. and around the world as we see clients for sessions not only in our office, but also through technology/video calls. We’re excited to say our ministry is international, “going” wherever the need may be, “that none perish.”

I (Marty) was called into the field of counseling and specifically to help missionaries in 1991. Hearing the various areas of struggle for clergy and their families led to training in many areas, sexual addiction being one of them. What we found was that the pastor and pastor’s wife who needed help first was us. Thus began our parallel process of helping and receiving and many years later walking in redemption, offering hope to those I’ve been called to help all along.

I had brain surgery in 2008, from which I have recovered well. I have been left with some facial paralysis as a result of the surgery, but find that my journey offers hope to those who feel paralyzed on the inside.

Education and Training

Shane entered full time ministry in 1994 and had 17 years experience as a staff pastor and holds
 a Masters degree in Pastoral Counseling. He is a certified Pastoral Sexual & Relational Recovery Specialist (PSRRS).

Marty has been counseling since 2001. She is licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist and as a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor. She is a Certified Sexual & Relational Recovery Specialist (CSRRS) and has many areas of specialization.

Thus began our parallel process of helping and receiving help and years later walking in redemption while offering hope to those I’ve been called to help all along.

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